Joy Egilson, Athletic & Exercise Therapist

Joy Egilson, Athletic & Exercise Therapist

Helping you to be mobile and fit – for life!

You want to improve your health, build your strength.  You want to be physically able to  live as fully as you can, both now and as you age.

Perhaps you are living with a chronic condition that impacts your energy levels and mobility. I can help you reach your goals, giving you expert guidance to ensure that you progress safely and efficiently.

I’m Joy Egilson – certified athletic therapist and certified exercise physiologist. I work with clients in Victoria, BC, Canada. Here you can learn more about me, and about the kind of work I do with clients.

Now about you: are you living with arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer or another chronic condition?  Are you recovering from surgery or an injury? Wanting to ensure that you are able to move well for the whole rest of your life? In need of a custom fitness plan that is based on the latest in exercise science? I’ll work with you to achieve all your fitness and movement goals.

Interested? Contact me. Let’s get started!